The Digital Dash-Display component is an extra part that can be added to the player's vehicle. It is installed on the dashboard of the car, and will provide component durability information to the player. It costs DM 400, and can only be purchased from Laika Dealerships.

Once purchased, the component will be inside of a cardboard box in front of the Laika dealership. The player must use the box on the vehicle, where a glowing silhouette can be found, to install it.

As the condition of any part deteriorates, the corresponding icon will illuminate with a yellow color and beep will be sounded by the Digital Dash-Display. When a part reaches 0 durability, or is removed from the car, the display will beep once more and the corresponding icon will illuminate with a red color instead. Some icons will illuminate under more specific conditions, such as the weight icon illuminating as weight increases instead of weight as it decreases.

Gallery Edit

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