Uncle Lufti will give you a brief tutorial on how to build your car, then he will ask if you want to take him with you, Yes Or No. Take Repair kits and tires with you because you will need them. You make money by selling things you find in boxes on the side of the road, you sell them at the gas station and the gas station only because they buy it and you can't sell it at the Laika dealership, Also keep wine its expensive. You can get engine upgrades from the dealership and loads of customisation like liveries (Paint Jobs). Make sure to search through broken down cars on the side of the road you might find some engine upgrades and parts, and possibly a spray paint can (This allows you to paint you Laika) PLEASE NOTE: Spray paint cans are currently not purchasable but in the near future they may be. If you choose a route with a question mark next to it this means that you will find a Scrap Yard on your journey, explore the Scrap Yard to get better parts for your Laika. Make sure to activate the hazard lights when you come to a stop as this could save you a 10 to a 30 dollar fine. Lastly Remember to Fill up your Laika's petrol tank.