The Motel is a fairly sized several story building found in all major cities. It is marked by a large neon sign that says "Motel". The player can park their Laika in the front parking lot and proceed inside a dimly lit lobby with a couch, and a table (usually with a newspaper and a cup on it). In the lobby is a check-in counter where you can buy a room key for 20 DM. The player must find the correct room based on the number and letter they were given. The room is quite simple, consisting of a bathroom and 2 beds (typical in an early post cold war time in places such as Germany). Sleeping in one of these beds will save the game.

Random facts:

  • The clerk is a woman.
  • The clerk has a yellow shirt.
  • The main colors of the motel seem to be tan and red.
  • There are 2 floors.

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