The Sausage Pack is an item that the player can sell to make some extra money. The only reason to buy this from a shop would be to smuggle it into another country to make more money by selling it there. However, if that country has a ban on the item, you risk being searched at the checkpoint and given a fine. This applies to most other goods as well.

The value of the item in the country it's in will vary greatly. The following situations can occur:

  • The item is available normally, and can be bought.
  • The item is available, but quantity is low or it may be sold out.
  • The item is under a 25% discount.
  • The item is under a 50% discount.
  • The item is banned from being sold.

Additionally, the base non-discounted value of this item will always be different, but generally stays within a fixed price margin.

It can cost between DM 2 to DM 6, and can be purchased from Petrol Stations and Outershops, or found in Crates on the road.

Like many other products the sausage pack has different names and different packaging in different translates to "the sausage" in German-english

Country GDR CSFR Hungary Turkey
Name Die Wurst Klobása Kolbász Sujuk
Picture -
  • While referencing the real world Turkish meal "Sucuk" the slogan translates into "fake bacon"